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SevenSeas Naturalis Exports LLP is one of the reliable and quality exporter of Food & Agro Products from India. A young organization who intends to provide world a real taste , fragrance and pleasure of Indian Agro and Food products.

Mumbai, India being a base location which is also a commercial capital of India gives us easy access to meet world and understand volatile requirement of customer. This also help us to have a deep contacts with source like farmers who cultivates agro products and processors who can avail required Food product in quantity in Time.

India is a country which unites different region, languages, culture, climatic conditions and Foods. This gives us an opportunity to create a Global Food Basket for worldwide requirements. We are already known for curry, fruits like Mango , Spices and lot of ayurvedic ingredients.

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Popular Products

  • India is the largest producer of bananas. It produces more bananas in a year than the rest of the world produces for export. Banana is an important fruit crop of many tropical and subtropical regions of India. Contributing approximately 30% of global production. We supply GRADE A quality Green Farm fresh Bananas from India. With a export type 5 ply packaging our Bananas will come with Big Finger Length around 19 cm from Pulp to Tip & 4,5,6 hands per carton. This will weigh 13 Kg per carton.

  • India is also major exporter of VitisVinifera which is populary known as Grapes. Nasik origin grapes are available from us. Whatever type you need we can supply from India. Indian grapes are available in Varieties as Thompson seedless, Flame seedless & Black (Sharad) Seedless. The availability of grapes in India is from January to April, with some early colored varieties also available in December.

  • A season based fruit also known as ‘ King of All Fruits “ will be available during Summer time in India. Considering Global production capability , India alone produces more than 50% of this Rich taste and sweet flavor fruit. We supply Mangos from Konkan and Gujrat region having export quality.

    We can supply varieties of mangoes grown in India such as Alphonso, Badami, Dashari,Kesar, Raspuri, Chaunsa, Mankurad, Neelam etc.

    We can also supply Mango based products on made to order basis.

  • Bhagwa quality Pomegrantes will be supplied by us. Indian pomegrates will be available throughout year with less appearance during summer time i.e March to June. For rest of the season we supply export quality pomegranate with Deep Red Arils and Pleasing red but rugged skin which gives rick look with good shelf life.